eBay have removed a buyers phone number from the Orders Page!

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eBay have removed a buyers phone number from the Orders Page!

I have noticed a worrying change on eBay today (11/10/14) that needs to be addressed and sorted out.

On a buyers Order Details Page a person's phone number that used to be displayed (underneath their adderess) has been removed for some reason.

I do not know why eBay have done this and now sellers would have to request their contact number through the item number and 'Find member' on the Advanced Search page in order to get the buyers contact details.

This is going to be a right pain for the large volume sellers who may have need for buyers phone numbers on a regular basis to notify them that the stock of something has run out.

If a seller has for example 10 of one item and sells 7, when the item is relisted it relists 10 instead of 3 if you know what I mean so sellers have to be on the ball regarding this!

A buyers phone number should be displayed on an Order Details Page because a recent fraud took place against me and I nearly lost £150!

The item was removed by eBay because of the fraud and when I tried to request the members phone number (via Find Member on Advanced Search) from eBay I was unable so because of this.

Had the phone number been on the Order Details Page like it used to be then I would have had access to their phone number.

I needed the phone number to ask the person to return the £150 worth of goods to me.

It has all been sorted out now and I have won the case but it was 10 days of worrying when it needed not to be had I been able to contact them by phone.

Can eBay please put a members registered phone number back onto the Order Details Page please?

Thank you and there is no need to make things harder than they already are for sellers.

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Many thanks.

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