eBay often not best value for DVDs!

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Many sellers are offering DVDs at prices that seem reasonable but are actually found cheaper elsewhere from reputable online retailers.

My advice is to shop around and in particular use price compaison sites (there is a particulary good DVD specific one called "find dvd"!) Very often the online shops will throw up prices cheaper than eBay DVDs which I think people end up being conned in to buying due the excitement of bidding in an auction, thinking they're getting a bargain but not at all!

Many sellers will proudly boast of the discount they offer off the RRP of the DVD - but hang on a minute, this is the internet and its almost impossible to find DVDs retailing at anything like the RRP anymore. All online shops retail below (usually well below) RRP and offer free postage and quick, well-packaged, reliable delivery. I almost never find a good deal for a new DVD on eBay, particularly when you factor in the convenience, reliability and protection of buying from an established, reputable company rather than a private individual who will more than likely overcharge you severly for postage.

All in all I would rarely if ever buy DVDs from an eBay seller.
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