eBay sellers blocking bidders. Negative feedback.

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Non Payers, slow payers, rude bidders, undeserved negative feedback, undeserved neutral feedback, undeserved negative comments with positive feedback, given less than 5 star DSR just for spite which is also undeserved. These are all problems I have experienced since being an eBay Top-rated seller and PowerSeller since November 2001 with over 13,000 positive feedbacks.
Ebay always tend to side with the buyer and not the seller. Sellers no longer can give neutral or negative feedback to buyers. Malicious buyers can actually adversely affect a sellers business and income with false feedback claims.
If as an eBay seller you are fed up with this situation then we can help each other. I am willing to send you a list of all my blocked buyers so you can see who I have had problems with since 2001 selling classical vinyl records and classical CDs (just send me an eBay Message requesting the list). I would like eBay sellers of similar items to send each other a list of their Blocked Bidders so we can police eBay effectively and root out these bad buyers. We don't have to add another sellers complete list to ours but the more information we have then a better selling experience we will all have in the future.

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