eBayers paying with PAYPAL e-Cheque's-BE WARNED

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This is a quick note for all buyers and sellers who use paypal.

I have been ripped off a number of times from scammers that pay with paypal using a e-cheque , which basically means they fund their paypal account via a bank transfer. The thing is it can take up to five to days to reach their account and another 24 hours to reach yours.

Never, Never ship any items out until you have confirmed funds have been received with paypal.

Sellers need to be carefull as well as i have been prone to receive a few negative feedback ratings because on my item description , it informs buyers that they will receive their item within 5 working days after payment. All Sellers need to add  the line , "cleared payment" to this statement.

Recently some scammers bought loads of my items for sale, and paid with the e-cheques from paypal. And because i did not send the items within 5 days , as my listing clearly stated , i received negative feedback . eBay were not willing to remove or adjust these feedback ratings as i did not include " Cleared Payment" in my description.

I hope that all sellers take note of this and can avoid the issue's that i have had to deal with.


KBC Stores.

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