eBooks the 1p listing debate and how to sell ebooks

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This is something that interests has a profitable source, eBooks are generally overlooked has been a way to increase feedback and i agree totally and its not acceptable and is a way to missuse ebooks massively.


What interests me is the amount of time and dedication authors have for only to have thier material missused i myself author ebooks therefore understand the feelings surrounding them.

My views are that ebooks should be used only on the basis of a wealth of information and to be purchased for the correct use. Ive tested this method to see how many people purchase an ebook from me and actually download it theres very little only a few did actually download the ebook so the others purchased for feedback only.

Thats not such a big issue on my case has it helps my popularity increase and ables me to sell more ebooks has i increase my feedback score. I would like for people to purchase my ebooks for the right reasons and to trade in these books.

I wrote to ebay today asking what there views are they support ebooks currently but i can only imagine that if it was to continue the missuse of them for feedback that ebay would fold on this option been available therefore i see it has an unsecure market to trade in.


Currently i myself is test trading the market of ebooks ive listed a few see how they go get a feel for how it all works the ups and downfalls to it and its not bad so far im learning fast. I would advise to anyone that wants to sell ebooks to only use either .com ebay or au (australia) has the uk dont have digital delivery and therefore would make the work of selling these harder and forcing sellers to seek alternative automation procceedures.

The best selling ebooks are regarding ebay themselfs either how to become a power seller or how to do something relating too ebay these do get read and downloaded.

also cooking or computer ebooks is a good seller and is an area i wish to outcast to others on a more larger scale. I currently have over 1000 ebooks in relation to computers alone and websites HTML PHP TUTS etc these ebooks can earn lots of profit aswell has alot of trade which also comes with alot of feedback which is a good all round package in my eyes but it is seen apon by others on the community has been a trade thats not a very fair one.


I would like for the ebooks to be used more proparly and can only suggest ebay themselfs works something out regarding feedbacks ie: a buyer cant gain feedback for items under £1 can only get a buyers point or somthing. it wouldnt matter to me not recieving feedback has im more interest in the revenue side of ebooks rather than the feedback side of things i have other items for that which would reflect my selling status proparly.

Obviously its nice that i get feedback but if it ment the trade of ebooks could stay if feedback was dropped it would be ok by me. I would only suggest to people who have objections towards sellers selling ebooks should think twice to the motives behind it has yes most may have other plans than me but mines revenue not feedback so its something of a mixed emotion that needs to be resolved and only ebay themselfs can do this us as sellers cant do anything else differently that would work.


I hope this gives someone a little knowledge about ebooks and there problems with them aswell has the benefits of them and the dispute battle on the community againts them. this review is set out to bring knowledge understanding and a view from a sellers prospective.

if you found the information helpfull please let me know by clicking yes or no.

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