eCheque Payment Guide

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Here's a simple guide outlining eCheque payments and how to solve the problem if one should arise.

So, what exactly is an eCheque?

If the Debit/Credit card you have registered with PayPal has expired then your payments will be sent via eCheque.  An eCheque works in a similar way to a bank transfer.  However, a normal bank transfer takes around 3 working days, whereas an eCheque takes around 10 working days to clear!  Do you want to wait that long for your item? Probably not...

So, what should I do if I send an eCheque?

If you've sent an eCheque payment this will show on your PayPal account as a pending payment.  The seller will also receive an email relating to the payment. 

Will the seller contact me and let me know it's an eCheque?

Hard to say, but I do just in case.  I email the customer and 9 times out of 10 they say they haven't used their eBay account for a while and therefore have an expired card on the system.  So they update the new card on PayPal - I cancel the eCheque and then they resend payment which this time is a regular instant payment.  The order is sent out promptly and everyone's happy!

Just remember to keep your cards updated to avoid these eCheques. ;)

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