eSay buying and what have you bought?

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After buying most thing on ebay from designer clothes, to shaving blades.  I sat down and askd myself a question.  Did I really get a bargain?  The answer is NO!  On most ocassions the item has been misrepresented,  faults not disclosed.  Wether NWT, NWoT, worn once; nearly all items have been anything but new or worn once! (Unless the bloke wearing it on its madien airing was held as hostage in some war torn country!  I think on a handful of occassion, in all 2% transactions I have been happy. Why is someone selling a designer suit they paid £1000 or so  for 99p? In most cases a bidding war engulfs and peoples egos get the better of them and I have seen second hand suits (worn) which are 2- 3 season old go for nearly 70% of the price of the suit. An insurance company wouldnt give you 5% for this in the event of  a claim  You would  do better to buy these items in Sale.  You will at least have some redress and gauartee and of cousre try the article on! You buy the item and usually you dont see the stealth cost of Postage and what exactly we are buying is an  unkown quantity and in wot condition.  Then there are the 100% authentic items which are 100% knock offs! E bay makes its money and doesnt really care with a cavalier attitude of sort it out with the seller.  I think is high time that ebay care about thier genuine users and some liability is placed on them.
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