eTec epic router [ADSL] Crash and Burn fix..

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Sometimes the eTec routers crash and burn.
By this I mean that they stop working.. Period.. Dead.. In a lot of cases the only light on is the 'Ready' light and this is solid on..
This is a TOTAL error state as the ONLY listed states the ready light can be in is 'Flashing' or 'Off'..
So explain that???
This rock-solid dead state is an indication that the firmware has not loaded from the flash chip.
Other error states would have the ready light off and would indicate that the firmware has loaded but has some other problem.. a factory reset (reset button) should fix this.

Normal state for the router is both the 'Ready' and 'Wan' [ADSL] lights flashing.
Normal boot up can take 2 or 3 minutes, so be patient.

So recovering this HARD crash requires that the firmware be re-written.
Use the BIOS Flash utility and Erase and then re-flash the unit.

Remember to follow the instructions 'TO THE LETTER'.
Router should come up as IP, DHCP server=Y, admin/epicrouter

Under some circumstances the config files may need to be played with as the adsl unit is disabled during flashing, and not re-enabled after..

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