ebay feedback- the case for appeals.

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I'm sure most of us have seen unfair feedback, and maybe have received some, or have not posted a negatives because of the danger of retaliation. I am hoping that if enough people support this might be introduced!
The lack of an appeal is a fundamental breach of human rights, and the publishing on the internet by ebay of comments that are slanderous is arguably an offence.
I have suggested to them that they introduce an appeal process, with both parties paying upfront-perhaps £20 each. This is important, otherwise there are likely to be lots of frivolous appeals, making life more complicated and expensive. This alone would put off people making frivolous or unreasonable complaints- anyone who did not agree to pay would have their comments removed. The winning party would get their money refunded (could even get 50% of the other fee. I like the idea of the innocent being compensated for what amounts to vandalism by difficult people)
The appeal would be heard by ebayers drawn from two panels of volunteers, buyers and sellers, agreed by both appellants. So ebay doesn't have to employ people to hear the appeals.

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