ebay letting users steal

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I have won items from ebay and never got them. The most I lost in one go was  £71 and that to me is a lot of money and I did report it to ebay and to PayPal and never got my money back and they got away with it, and are still using eBay to rip others off the same way and that's not good for us who use eBay the way it was designed to be used . 

So please check out what others say about your sellers and don't let them rip you off, good luck with your eBaying and think if he has a low eBay score it is for a reason, there ever new or there making new accounts for some other reason so I only use users that have a good eBay score and that seems to be working up to now, touch wood.

So think before you click and check out your sellers, and don't let others bid you up at the end of the bidding stay with the prise you have in your head before you started bidding and don't be thinking I will be ok if it all goes wrong because  eBay and PayPal are not going to give you your money back or even say sorry that you were ripped off. 


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