ebay security

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a member of my family has just been the victim of scams on ebay...and what has ebay done?NOTHING  they just brush it under the carpet or send computerised answers.they have done nothing to asists the buyer or sellers.they have all been duped..i think ebay can write a fine script but cant do nothing about the problems..they just ignore it. .lucky for the family member they work in the legal prof .and have taken legal advice.and are going to get ebay to amitted they are at fault and take responsibilty for their lack of action.and to pay back what the buyer and sellers have lost..iwelcome the new law that is coming in soon.that auction and other sites that sell things will be responible for all that goes wrong however small.do not be fooled you have got rights and ebay must do something to protect the consumer.after all look at ebay profits..if it was not for us they would not have a web site..so come on ebay help and lissen to people who have been a victim instead of washing your reponsibilties.
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