ebayers, trying to claim payment twice, for an item.

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i had bought, a sat nav, from what looked like a bona fide, ebay trader, they wanted, payment, by bank transfer,in to their bank account. and duly supplied bank details. i took delivery  of the sat nav.and two weeks later. i received emails demanding payment.i sent emails, to no avail, i also sent them, a photocopy, of the bank payment slip.thinking this would be an end, to matter,still no reply, a strike was attached to my ebay account. i contacted ebays office in ireland, and supplied details, of the payment,which was a certified copy of the payment. and strike was removed,within twelve hrs.it later transpired, that i was not only  victim of this scam. so please be aware, of sellers only, wanting paying by bank transfers, and not wanting to use paypal. i am aware that all sellers, may not be dishonest, but it makes me wary, as a result, i only use paypal. hope i have bored you all ,two much. denis481.

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