ebayers who cant read!!!!!!

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Why is it that new ebayers (and some old) cannot seem to read a simple description i hear you ask!

well,its because us longer standing ebayers tend to put all information needed into our descriptions, that way we have it all listed if ever there is doubt. but some people still choose to read what parts of our descriptions they feel like and not the full story!

easy solution is: do not let anyone with less than 10 feedback bid on your items unless they email you first.(that way if they havent read it you can remove their bid without warning and they cannot do a thing about it!!)

also, state everything so clearly that if anyone decides to complain after a transaction, you just forward them a copy of your description and highlight the fields that you need to!

if you state you do not accept refunds then thats what they need to be reading!if they cant read these simple instructions, then send them an item number for some glasses!its funny and sometimes it can be made out as just some harmless fun!but it does get your point across!

so make sure guys, if you have a long description with a lot of information in it, dont panic!if ebayers choose not to read it then thats up to them and use some quick thoughtful ideas to make them think twice next time before complaining!

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