ebays rules on swapping and px of goods re fvf

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is it me or do they make it up as they go along,i mean it used to be fine to swap a car on here,then they worked out they were loosing fvf,and got greedy,as they are today,it used to be customer first policy now its about lining thier pockets,and sending out pre written replys to all emails they recieve,it drives me absolutely mad to the extent i shut my account down before for over a year,and used the friday ad instead,this actually gave a much larger profit too!!
here is an example for you of the losses to be had here,lol;

EXAMPLE:   1)you list a childs teddy bear at 50p start and 50p postage.
++++++++    2)you are charged around 20p to list if you have a gallery picture 35p
                      3)you will use your electric and phone line/broadband to ansswer questions
                      4) it sells last minute for 50p,you then get a 10-15p final value fee charged
                      5)if they pay via paypal you then have another fee on top of that to recieve payment!
                      6) so to sumarise you could have saved ;a walk to the post office or fuel cost to drive there
                                                                                   about 15p in charges from ebay/paypal
                                                                                   plus all your time listing and answering questions,just by putting it in the bin/charity shop/recycling centre box next time you were passing.
With that i rest my case.

hope this helps anyone,ive seen many adverts asking people to reply if they had a bad experience with ebay,so if you can relate,give me a vote!
or you can always mail me of course if you feel stronly!
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