echeques - why not warn you before?

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I wish that Paypal would warn you that you are about to pay by echeque - I would cancel and go and get the item from a shop rather than wait for weeks on end, even if I did have to pay a bit more at the shop. By the time you have realised that you have been caught out there doesn't seem to be anything you can do to speed things up.

Since reading from these guides I have realised that the expiry date on the card held with paypal had passed. I have now been in to amend this, it was all sorted out in a couple of minutes but still I will have to wait an eternity for the echeque (which I didn't even want to use) to clear. Surely you could be warned before you commit to pay by paypal that there is a problem as simple as having to enter your new expiry date?? The buyer could them amend their details and the payment could be made quickly and efficiently with paypal. 

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