elektralurker - weirdest ebayer & thief. Find out more!

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Felt I needed to respond to this idiot as she had written a really WEIRD guide. As her profile demonstrates, I think she has way too much time on her hands and reading her other feedback it's clear that she simply fills her lonely existence with ruining others feedback. I'm not sure what she gets from this but anyway I'll explain what REALLY happened.

Message to ........ - "I hope this feeds your weird habit further"

I sold three baby vests to this person. I had hand designed the logos on each. Yes she did win them cheap but fair play and I didnt mind at all. There was an inital delay of a couple of weeks which my feedback clearly shows is unusual. I kept in contact with her by email as soon as I realised that my relative had not sent the items as I'd thought. I immediately sent them, and an addtional vest I had made that week to go some way to apologising. I emailed her advising her I had sent it and of course she was 'happy as larry' as she was getting another item for free. Although I advised her clearly that I sent it that day, it wasnt until 2 whole weeks later that she messaged me saying she hadnt received them. She claims to be annoyed but referred to me as 'hun', if she really hadnt received them, why the pleasantries?? I thought she was shifty and just wanted her off my back so I refunded her the full amount. She was so cheeky that she messaged me saying she wanted new vests, 4 now in total and different designs to what she'd originally won - this is strange, obviously she had received the original ones and now just wanted more (Though who could blame her, they were fantastic!) It was at this point I told her I dont do this for a pittance, think she's a bit dense because she related this to the initial win - my point was of course that I did not plan on giving her 8 vests for such small amount! Kind of a given really!

I have never had to deal with anyone like this through ebay and will be wary in future, I hope others support me and the other people who's feedback she has tried to sabotage and report her also when she does the same to them.

What a joke. Oh and if you're reading this, hope you get off on it - it's obviously what you were looking for, so ENJOY!

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