epiphone v gibson flying vs

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hi,has anyone looked closely at a brand new gibson flying v recently,well for £1000+you get a very average guitar,the logo is if the chrome variety,not laquered just stuck on the oversized truss rod cover!yuk,the finish on the ones i've seen have been very average at best,no binding,quilted tops nothing just plain wood,very boring.the action on these axes are lousy,to high when they left the factory,average fret work,the hardware is good though,tonepros through out.i also hate the way the pups are fitted,just holes cut in the scratchplate no surrounds,so you can see the ribbon wrapped round the pup,very very ugly.none of these are worth the high price tag.gibson guitars unless they come from their custom shop,just seem cheap to me these lasat ten years,or is it just me being too picky!i love flying vs and have owned a few over the years and heres the good bit,all bought for under £200!yep thats right,all of them epiphones and everyone of them better than any gibson i've seen or played and i've played loads of them.my current v is a 1992 epiphone made in korea,yes korea,its got an amazing neck and the action can't go any lower as the bridge is as low as it goes!i have changed all the hardware to black,top qaulity from the states for under £40!all bought off ebay and a 16k ceramic wax potted pickup for a tenner!from same ebayer,which blows away the dimarzio super distortion in the v when i got it! and seymour duncans,don't make me laugh,they are so over priced and overated,throw in a new scratchplate which was custom made for one pup and cost £18,£200 for the v with fitted hardcase,a couple of other bits and for about£270 i have a brilliant axe,oh i forgot i sold the dimarzio sd and all the chrome hardware for over£70,so thats £200 for an axe that i wolud put up against and gibbo v!lol.so if you fancy a one of great looking guitar forget these over priced rip offs and get a cheap epiphone flying v and do it up!i recommend only the upper range of epiphones with set necks and i can vouch for my korean built beauty.happy ebaying,and just cause it costs alot does not mean its a great guitar
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