fake - does it matter?

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What better way to spend a few hours than just browsing the glorious offerings that is ebay jewellery.
Something that we must all be aware of is that sadly ebay is a wonderful platform for naughty sellers to misrepresent jewellery as the real thing.
Some pointers that I always go by are if it is too good to be true then if very probably is. 
read the description then read it again. Walk away and then come back a while later and look and read again as people are crafty and although they call the item by the propriteary brand they are careful to not state the words genuine. 
Then there is the as far as I know and to the best of my knowledge. Where these are genuine when stated by the individual seller they are to be suspected when the same seller has the same item for sale several times over.
On the other hand if you have done your homework and you are as sure as you can be that the item is a fake. A couple of quid instead of a couple of hundred if it looks the job does it really matter if you are only going to wear  the item occasionally. 
I bought an obviously fake pandora bracelet but no one can tell  and many have said what a super bracelet.
So this helpfull Buzz Agent says as long as you are aware does it matter.
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