fake lindeberg update for 2008!

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Hi girls and boys,

I have recently seen a rise in fake jl gear on our uk site and will give you all a quik reference as how to spot these items!

Firstly Belts! - Slater belts are bieng sold as originals but there a few things to look out for.........if  you see two rivits next to the buckle(studs) , its fake as all slaters are stitched next to the buckle!  I have also seen some shady 'bridger belts', to confirm outhenticity ask the seller to take a picture of the back of the buckle as the real thing will have a j.lindeberg ingraving!          Lastly the sizes can also be a clue, eg: 38 inch is the largest they make so anything bigger is fake. sizes are also specific eg:32/90 ,30/85, 28/80,34/95 or 36/100, 38/105. all are now made in italy, only the first few were made in sweden. Also be carefull of belts from Canada, as many are good copies!


Secondly Shirts!- Ive seen a number of zip up short sleeve shirts that have a logo and j. lindeberg embroided on the front left, these are fake and are coming out of thailand. All originals have only the logo on. You can also tell by the actual tag or label on the collar, eg: white with pink detail or the latest being grey with white detail! The fakes have a black label with detail in white! So if you cant see the label and its a bit suspect, ask for a photo of the tag before you bid!

I hope this will help you all avoid future disapointment! Pls feel free to contact me and ask any questions you mite have and i will be able to assist you in checking the authenticity of any items.

Keep our fairways BRIGHT! and safe shopping.

regards Jacques(jfngolfmad)



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