far cry cheats for PC

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Far Cry was one of the best FPS games for the PC,
However if your stuck in Far Cry and end up being blasted by a bunch of mercs then it can be very frustrating.
there is a cheat available called the devmode cheat, this will give you extras like more ammo, all weapons cheat, fly through walls, and the best one - god mode.
with god mode you will be invincible if you have pulled all your hair out, this is the cheat for you.
to enable the devmode cheat you need to edit the shortcut path for the farcry executeable (create a shortcut of the file onto your desktop) right click the icon and edit the target path, by adding -devmode with a space just after the path in inverted commas. Start a new game and you will have these cheats as standard.
for God mode you need to edit the devmode.lua file located in your farcry directory.
e-mail me for details.

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