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I bought two 1GB sticks of PC6300 after emailing fastmemoryman and asking him if they were compatible with a motherboard i had just bought and him replying yes.
According to his listing it was Samsung, it was UNBUFFERED and it ran at the correct voltage for my board and the items were located in the UK so 5 to 10 days delivery.
Well the listing had one thing right, it was Samsung memory!

After emailing him to ask when the items would arrive, 5 to 10 days turned to 15 days and i understood why when it came by DHL from GERMANY!. I paid postage on both items, both items arrived in the same 'Jiffy Bag like' plastic envelope, not a protective box as you would get from Crucial nor a rigid plastic box like you would get from Kingston,and the memory looked nothing like the picture in the listing,as both sticks had heat spreaders attached to them,which set the alarm bells ringing.

The memory refused to work in my machine so i emailed fastmemoryman and he suggested updating the BIOS and also setting it to auto detect the memory..more alarm bells ringing.
How many people have just set their motherboard BIOS to auto detect his memory and not realised it's recognising it at slower settings?

Anyway, i bit the bullet.On the heat spreaders it says 1GB PC6300/6400 800Mhz - Warranty Void If removed, I removed them, this was easy as they seemed to be attached to the memory with a strip of two way tape,and underneath on the actuall chips on the RAM it says '1GB 667Mhz' which equates to PC5300, he couldn't even be bothered to remove the original information sticker! I then googled the serial numbers on the chips and downloaded the Samsung data sheet for them and that confirmed that they were BUFFERED PC5300 DIMMs usually used in servers..OOPS.

Fastmemoryman's response to my Paypal dispute - Warranty void if heat spreaders removed. Of course it is, you wouldn't want your customers checking what they had actually bought now would you.

So...Buffered PC5300 (which is rarely used in consumer PC's),two way tape, a couple of heat spreaders to conceal the RAM and Robert's you Mother's brother,PC6300!

At this moment time i have chosen to escalate my dispute to a PayPal claim By ending communication with the seller,and asking PayPal to investigate the case as i think it's fraud.

I'm not holding my breath.

My advice is to PLEASE..PLEASE..PLEASE..CHECK THE FEEDBACK. Don't just look at the numbers. Scroll through a few pages and READ THE COMMENTS!

I unfortunatly didn't.I just thought hmmm thats the cheap and now i know why.

Oh, and as others have said Google fastmemoryman, you won't be surprised.

Thank You for taking the time to read this.
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