fastmemoryman negative feedback location lies

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Watch out when purchasing memory.  I was caught by a sellet that LIES about item location to entice you to buy from then, but fastmemoryman then posts from anywhere in the world and it can take ages. THis is against ebay rules but they are allowed to get away with it!!!  Although they have a 98% feedback rating this is probably VERY wrong because they leave negative feedback for EVERYBODY that leaves them negative, even if the person has been a perfect ebayer! This puts off people leaving negative feedback so it makes them look better than thay are. This is against Ebay Rules but they are allowed to get away with it.

I was in a rush so chose a UK based seller so I would get the item very quickly. I decided to buy from a seller called 

fastmemoryman who advertised the item as located in the UK. They had sold thousands of units and had a fairly high (98%) positive feedback.

I then waited and waited. I complained and was then told it could be up to 14 days because of customs delays and local holidays!  ( Remember this was a UK to UK delivery!)

I asked them lots of times where the item was posted from, they REFUSED to tell me. The item NEVER arrived so I still don't know where it was coming from.

I eventually had to claim my money back through PAYPAL. They wanted me to wait 3 months and then claim off insurance!!!

I'm sure there are many sellers that do this, but it puts honest ones at a serious disadvantage!
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