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this guide it to explain to you about what i think about feedback. there is a few problems that i have found with feedback. so please read on to find out what i think.

feedback is all well and good but there is some problems with feedback.

1. i have lots of items but not half of they have left me feedback, now i no what you are thinking you dont have to leave feedback if you dont want to. but when i sell thinks i think that its nice to get feedback so you no that people are happy with the item and plus it means that you no that they got it cos you no what the postal service can be like. lol.

2. why is it that people expect feedback for when they have brought somethink from you but when you ask them to leave you feedback they dont bother, then you ask them and they leave you a nutraual saying that you have demanded feedback but all you wanted was to no that they have recieved it.

3. my piece of advice for sellers: dont leave feedback until feedback has been recieved, becasue in my opion why should you leave someone good feedback if they are not going to be kind enough to leave you feedback. and plsu if you have left them good feedback and they get nasty to you you can change the feedback and then they are stuck with the good feedback and you are then stuck with the nasty one that they left you.

i hope that you have found this helpful if you ahve please rate it.

thank you


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