float fishing lets not ring the changes too loud

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it always amazes me when fishing the amount of fisherman who ask where i got my floats from when they see my float box, i have to explain that i make them and i only started making them as i didnt  or couldn t find in the tackle shops, exactly what i wanted want there and then one day too many years ago, i found a book on float making in a second hand shop. one thing lead to another and now i handcraft floats mainly to order only but when i can i produce some for sale now on ebay. floats and float fishing are a huge part of my life and im always experimenting, making the old floats and sometimes combining new materials with the old but if i can make a float that was used fifty years ago then i will! as designers always regurgitate the past and "if its not broke dont fix it".  the fish haven t really changed! fisherman haven t really changed! what has is the throw away society we live in, that is to blame!we buy all sorts of things including floats and because things are made to price and to a certain quality we are happy to throw it out if we break it, as we know we can probably afford a new one! do you see my point? how many times have you used your favourite modern float and then broke it and why? because they are too flimsy! now what i know and see is , there has and is a huge resurgence in how especially fishing equipment is made and there are a number of really high standard small manufacturers of split cane rods not just for fly fishing either they also make carp rods and course, there are certainly a couple i deal with as i make them small sets of floats to go with their newly purchased rods. im not saying everything we buy isnt any good but what will last longer?  as it cane rod or carbon? i know people who use cane rods that are some fifty to sixty years old and what i dont see is any twenty year old carbon or similar rods! take my point

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