fvf credited then charged back for no transaction

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i recently sold a motorhome on ebay to a chap who came out then expected it to be more original it was 17 years old anyway i didnt make a fuss we did a mutual agreed not to go throu with transaction deal where i got my fvf back well after going on my ebay most days i kept seeing a bold yellow marked bit saying dispute so about 2 weeks later i clicked on it and it said dispute with seller regarding motorhome do you want to close it so i ticked the yes box as i had allready got my fvf back and thought it was closed the recieving me monthly ebay bill noticed i was being charged £35 for the sale of a motorhome so i contavted ebay who said that i had closed the dispute and that by closing it they had took it that the transaction had gone throu .now after about 25 emails and been having given the reply exactly word for word atleast 5 times from different people they want me to prove that the transaction didnt go throu well wasnt the fact that i had the fvf returned to me fact enough i wrote no it isnt they said i need to paste athe contents of the email that both i and the seller wrote to each outher but i said that the emails dont exist as it was just tick a box stating that we didnt go throu with the transaction and if they want i will take a picture of the motorhome with todays news paper on it on my garden with the log book still in my name but thats not good enough they want a non existant email .in the mean time i have cancelled my direct debit and have been charged by ebay £5 for doing so but it was the only way that i could stp them taking it out of my account i ahve alltho paid by cheque my whole bill less the £35 so its not like i am not trying to pay them but i will not pay them for somthing that i have not had and i dont see why i or any one else should
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