gears of war x box 360

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With the release of so many great  first person shooters in recent months developers are having to be much more creative and work a lot harder to release something that lives up to todays standards, gears of war however succeeds in this, epic games have created a masterpiece on a level with halo 3 and the call of duty games,with the planet lying in a near opocolyptic state over run with the locust horde, you assume the role of marcus fenix an elite hardcore soldier and begin a campaign to eliminate the nightmarish creatures, the game is both very atmospheric and consuming, it can be fast paced but also requires some strategy throughout the levels, the enemies are varied and attack from all angles, supplies of ammunition are plentyfull and weapons inventive, i have been playing the game around 10 hours on casual and would say i am a gamer of average ability this should give an indication of how vast this game is, halo 3 i completed in around 10 hours and the same could be said for blacksite area 51 which could leave you feeling a little short changed, i like to feel really drawn into a game and i am guilty of never being able to stop comparing new games to tomb raider on psi, but gears of war does come very close! .

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