genuine mk 4 ghds - things to look for

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I have just bought some MK4 ghds from Ebay, and i called GHD to confirm they are genuine, so i thought i would post what they said to help others buying from ebay, as what ghd told me doesnt match what is said in some of the other guides.

  • the box should come with a security seal
  • the writing on the styler should say 'GHD' and 'professional styler with ceramic technology'
  • there should be a hologram with a 15 digit code (3 sets of 5 - letter and numbers) on the irons and on the cable. THESE CODES SHOULD BE DIFFERENT!
  • the holograms now show a  picture of the styler with GHD in the background. it used to be a girl on the mk3, and another guide said that the ones with a picture of the styler are fake, so i called ghd and they confirmed the new MK4 ghds now have the picture of the styler and not the girl!

this guide only applies to mk4 ghds, hope it is helpful!

if you are still unsure if they could be fakes, call ghd, they are very helpful and can quickly confirm if they are geniune.





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