ghd counterfait

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i bought some ghd on ebay sold as the genuine item brand new mark 4 hologrammed sealed box the whole deal

this was in january 2008

they stopped working two weeks ago june 2008

i returned them to ghd under the terms of the guarantee only for them to be returned to me as counterfait

i am cooperating fully in the pursuit of this individual with ghd who wish to take this matter further as i don't seem to have any address on ebay to regain my money through the sale of counterfait produce i can only take out my frustration by nailing the scum bag who scammed me and others, there were others for sale

the wires are parting company from the body and when my husband opened them, he is an electrical engineer and tested them

the wires were not the problem they were incorrectly wired inside neutal earth- earth/ neutral and the circuit board had gone a death trap no doubt mafde in the far east somewhere

not being a gullible person i thought that they were cheaper because they were an older model and had been super ceded by  a newer model and for sale on a site named clearance warehouse no longer listed

there is no way to tell when compared with an original ghd

be very wary of buying these on this site it may not be only 66.00 pounds you lose, it could be your house in flames or indeed your life or your 13 year old daughters which could have been my case


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