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first things first can you play if not  then start with practice chanter  if your a keen learner  anykind of practice chanter will do  you hear some folk say glens or henderson ar best  but if your a keen and got it in you youl play anykind and get a tune from it  my grand uncle jock stewart from a  little village called callander in perthshire  lived in a little wooding hut on a farm he was in his seventys  and played the back pipes he was in the 1914 war but his wife died and he lived all alon  in his little hut   he had a coal stove in it and in winter time when he  got bored  he used to make himself a set of bag pipes  all he had was his pocket nife and a few lenths of iron  in diffrent sizes to bore the drons with  and he used sheeps horn for muonts and  he made them from many difrent woods from ash to elder berry  to monky puzzle the only bit he could not make was the bag pipe chanter  but he could make a practice chanter  now he used to play the pipes during summer months at the falls of leny in callander  entertaining the tourest and made a  good living from his piping  and nobody new he had made the pipes himself some pipe majors had looked at and tried them but couldent tell the difrence  as anyone will know its not the drones  that is iprtent its the chanter as most drons will tune to a good chanter
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