guide to buy an epilator

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When you think of buying an epilator first of all think about what are your needs. Do you need shaver attachment with it or not, do you need the face and bikini attachments or you just want a basic epilator for legs and arms. Also make up your mind to endure the pain that comes with it. Next is to decide the brand you like the most because its a long term investment and you dont want to get stuck with a bad one. So do your research : look at videos online., read a lot if reviews on amazon and argos. Some brands make unnecessary noise. Always consider all the pros and cons before making a commitment because buying an epilator is just like marrying, you dont want to do a wrong commitment or make a hasty decision. If your friend lets you try theirs before you can buy then its the best thing possible so you can judge what you are going for. 
Then there are corded or cordless ones dry ones or the ones that can be used in showers also. The corded ones need to be plugged in at all times while you are using them. The cordless ones are just like mobile phones. They have a battery inside them which needs to be charged and then you can take them inside the shower also. But keep in mind that all batteries have a particular life span and once the battery life is gone the epilator is gone so never overcharge these ones and also keep in mind the cost associated versus number of years it will last. because these types are more pricey ones than the corded. 
These are the basic pointers to keep in mind while you take the big decision because a well chosen one will be  your good friend for longer than you have ever imagined
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