hectograph stencil instructions

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hectograph stencil instructions

1. Place a sheet of hectograph paper (ink side up) onto a table and place a sheet of plain paper on top.

2. next put your drawing on top and firmly trace (or copy over) the outlines using a very sharp hb pencil .Apply firm pressure.

3. remove the hectograph paper and your stencil will be on the piece of plain paper, its best to trim any excess paper.

4. Make sure the area of skin has been cleaned and shaved

prior to applying stencil. (we use isopropyl alcohol wipes as they kill all bacteria and remove any grease.)

5. Apply a small amount of stencil fluid to the skin (dettol works just as well), the dab skin with a paper towel so its damp NOT WET.

6. Apply stencil to the skin and apply firm pressure (taking care not to smudge).

7. remove stencil paper and allow to dry completley.

8. Apply a thin coat of vaseline, as this helps the stencil to stay on longer, when wipeing away excess ink during tattooing.

after a couple of practice runs you should be able to make the perfect stencil every time.If you require more info, email us at-


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