hiding bidders

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It makes me mad when sellers deliberately hide their bidders. Why do they do it? When I have asked, either the seller ignores me, or responds in an aggressive and defensive manner or makes up some tale about having to do it because otherwise bidders get spammed or get other sellers contacting them etc, one seller even told me that they didn't hide the bidders list but ebay did it and it wasn't up to them.

Now, I have listed stuff on ebay for several years and not once have I ever hidden my bidders. Not one has ever reported to me that they were spammed or scammed or had other sellers pestering them to stop bidding on mine and to bid on theirs instead.

Why hide things if you have nothing to hide?? I have come to the conclusion that the only reason someone hides their bidders list is because thjey don't want people to see that they are shill bidding, bidding on their own stuff, running the price up. There is a great website called 'goofbay' and if you type in the seller's name you come up with a list of all the items they sold and the winning bidders. I always check before I bid. I have only bid a couple of times on things where the bidders list was hidden, because I am so suspicious I only bid once or twice and then stop. In both cases although I never won the item, hey presto, I was contacted by the seller and offered the item as a second chance. Hmmm. That seems more fishy than apair of kippers. So if you see a listing where the bidders are hidden, ask yourself why the seller feels they have to hide them. Have they something to hide?

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