how not to be fooled when selling mobile phones

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i was selling my mobile phone on ebay and the bidding went up and up and i couldn't believe the price it was, i awaited payment as we all do, then i received an email stating that my payment has been received and would be sent to my pay pal account when i sent the parcel internationally signed for tracking number to them, they would instantly send my money to my paypal account, unfortunately i was pretty new to ebay and pay pal and i even sent a message to these people to verify this was correct, unfortunately i was scammed, could not do a thing, police were not interested as the parcel had left our airport the post office could not do a thing, even thou it was in our country still, am writing this to help others from being put in the same situation, paypal do not work in this way, they will never tell you to send any item unless you have received your payment. do not send unless the money is in your account. Telephone Pay pal and ask for advice if you are unsure about an email.
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