how not to buy ram/memory

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Hi everyone,

This is my first ever review and i hope it will be of assistance to the other genuine buyers who elect to buy with ebay.

I decided to purchase some memory for my computer from a company called smilentango because they advertised the type i wanted(low density). I had previously purchased memory from someone else this was the wrong memory and it was not the sellers fault but mine for not checking to see that it was the correct memory i did not return it as they had not been at fault.

When i recieved the memory i had purchased from smilentango in MARCH 2008 i found it to be the wrong type(high desity) not what was advertised(low density) i then contacted them and was told to return the memory which i did. When they next contacted me they told me the memory i had returned was not the one they had  supplied. I then contacted my daughter who had sent the memory of for me to find out she had returned the wrong ones she had sent the ones i had previously purchased. On returning home as i work away from home i personally despatched the memory i had recieved from smilentango and apologised for the mix up explaining how it had happened.We are now into the last days of April  my next contact from smilentango other than their standard email acknowlegement was on May 17th saying that the memory i had now returned was not what they had sent,  and now the alarm bells were starting to ring they had 4 gig of my memory now and i was using a friends computer to speak to them. My next contact with smilentango was on May 22nd and unknown to me at this time i was no longer covered by ebays 60 day complaints process and the chance to get my money back it would appear that they knowing the process had deliberately strung me along. I in vain continued to try to get a response until June 1st when i had an email saying they had sent my details to there shipping section to have my goods returned i thought it was know over. After waiting until June 25th as i am dealing with America i decided to contact them again they do not return my email other than there automated reply.

I am now in the what do i do next position and am told to contact ebay, i do this for ebay to tell me that i am out of time to claim my money back.They make a few suggestions on how i should continue this information is absolutely useless if the person decides to ignore your attempts to contact them. I inform ebay that in there system i have found out that i am one of some near 800 people who have fallen foul of smilentango i am now into September with it would appear no chance of having my 4gig of memory  returned. I am sixty years of age and still being taught that honesty is still a thing you hope for in everyone but are unlikely to get.

Make sure that you order the right memory , low density works in any machine though slightly more expensive, high density will only work in certain machines though it is a lot cheaper it is not always the best option. Make sure you do not fall foul of the likes of my experiance as it is to easy to do so and expensive three lots of postage to America plus my own memory sent by mistake  makes a loss of just under a hundred pounds silly old bugger .    BYE

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