how not to throw your money away with tech.

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Greetings all,
buying stuff for your computer or other techie stuff is becoming much easer with ebay and the great approach 
they have to keeping the scammers out and genuine se llers in. However people; because this is such good  one-stop place to shop i have become lazy in my research process as I guess have many of you looking at some of the prices that are bid. Ebay gave you the tools to examine past sales and prices to keep you updated; however almost all auctions are different because the people who bid are different too so there is no real consistency to the prices and habits bidders display unless you are going to trawl through tons of data looking for trends.
So what am I saying to you? heres an example of how not to do it.

new to ebay bidder Bob x sees an apple laptop he wants and starts bidding, someone puts a bid of £300 in and then Bob X ups it to £310. now another someone puts an auto bid for £450 and Bob X now is confused and keeps bidding until he gets to £460, this goes on to £1,495 and he wins. Bob X is elated and so is the seller because he just made twice what he paid new for it....everyones a winner i ncluding Ebay.   If Bob X looked on the internet or even popped into "PC rip me off World" he would of seen for £980 he could of had a new one at a higher spec and bought a doggy hotdog from outside the shop too. example two, For your laptop a new SSD, (solid state hard drive) is wanted you know the spec and you know you want one, so ebay provides many options to make your high speed booting come true. A "crucial 256gb" SSD takes your fancy and off you go with the bids. the last few seconds of the sale arrive with baited breath and then you see your rival has sneaked in a last bid, oh no and in goes your final ball busting bid, yep its yours a year old SSD for £93 plus £8.50 shipping.   if he had looked on the "crucial" site for an extra £11.20 he could of had a new one with free posting and three years warranty.
Are you seeing my message? Because the normal web based selling fi rms are having to compete with the likes of E bay, they are responding with better deals and more options to keep the market alive except we as Ebay users are forgetting they are there and I i nclude myself here too. The above examples are real and happened just days ago; however if you are reading this you are also much more switched on than most and you don't need reminding to look at the web before you save a few pounds on old stuff when you could have the peace of mind with new.
I will say Ebay has a fond place in my buying process for things not available on the shelf and I thank them for that  and all you interesting folk who sell almost everything including the kitchen sink which i might want one day!
My final words are this: use due- diligence when buying your tech stuff as electrical goods have a built in life span and the old saying adapted here to "don't F**k  up a job for a few ha penth's of tar" translated to " A  few more quid now will save time and money later" well thats my opinion!  Research, research, research and know when to stop bidding please.

thank you for your time and enjoy Ebay for what it can bring????????

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