how to beat a dry, desert climate.

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if you are having trouble with your finger slipping off the proverbial toilet paper and into the fudge, then try what this swamp fellow does when in the desert regions of arizona or in the cold north, where people run there central heat 24/7 just to keep their ceilings warm. i learned this from my grandmother, who read alot and taught me everything i needed to know to graduate high school before i was old enough to go to kindergarten. she used to lick her thumb in order to turn the pages of the books and after 4 years of watching her do this, i came to the conclusion that it was due to dry skin that cannot 'grip' the paper pages without added moisture. i am not saying that you should lick your fingers each time you wipe(this would be un-sanitary), but instead, lightly spit on your finger tips before each wipe and you will find great satisfaction when you find that your fingers did not slip into the 'mud puddle. this technique helped me overcome disentary on my 4week desert expidition in southern arizona in december 2005. i hopi this saves your life also! your swamp buddy, don 'miguel' mezclar 2/14/2007
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