how to buy Ukulele

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buying tips

Buying my son his first ukulele was a bit of a shock, do I go top of the class or do I go secondhand. I'm glad to say ebay had it all covered, and the things I forgot. Things like ( dad I need a book so I can learn the keys)and I need a carry case. Dad can  you buy me a tuner. Its all there for you. Ranging from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds. I think to start with its best to make a list so you only get what you need. But if you do forget anything its no problem, its there for you.
my top tips
1. make sure you do your research what it is you want to buy. Its better to go slow and get the right item.
2. set your limit when your bidding for an item, its so easy to get carried away.
3.use the tools ebay have for you. They are a great help.
4.once you get the hang of buying, why not have a go at selling its fun and very easy to do. and a good way to make a bit of its win have a go
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