how to clean a tassimo coffee machine

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Looking after my tassimo coffee machine.

To achieve consistent drink quality and prolong machine life routine maintenance is required.

Keeping your machine in top condition is simple and will ensure your drinks are brewed to the highest quality, time after time.

What cleaning and maintenance is required and when?

The simple formula for keeping your TASSIMO machine in top working condition is:

Fresh Water + Clean Barcode Reader and Piercer + Regularly Descaled machine = Great Tasting Drinks and Long machine Life. 

Clean your machine at least once a week, daily if using milk or chocolate.  
Cleaning the TASSIMO machine could not be more simple - insert the Service disc, stored at the back of the machine, and push the button to activate the automatic cleaning cycle. Once done, simply wipe down your machine and barcode reader. 

The cup stand, drip tray, T DISC holder and piercer are removable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

What type of cleaning does my machine need on a regular basis in order to ensure the quality of my beverages?

All coffee machines are susceptible to limescale build-up, which can damage them. Descaling your machine is essential to increase the life of your machine and to get the best quality drinks from it (see the section on descaling)

How do I remove my piercer?

The piercer can be removed by firmly pressing upwards from the bottom of the piercer. If cleaning has not been performed in a while, it may be difficult to remove. 

The piercer disassembles into three parts for easy cleaning either manually or in the dishwasher

i hope this helps everyone and feel free to leave comments. i made this review for bzz agent

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