how to cover a cake in fondant like a pro: a bzzagent guide

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So first off let me explain something, I started out as a hobby baker and after finding some treats on ebay and watching a few how to videos I managed to created a smooth fondant covered cake, then I learnt how to decorate I now have my own cake business! 
If you want to learn how to do the same or even just how to cover your child/parents/ aunts / friends birthday cake you've come to the right place! 
First off you will need to have baked a cake and covered in buttercream, once this is done place in the fridge over night so it hardens (known as "crumb coating"). 
Take out your crumb coated cake and with a pallet knife such as Dip in hot water and dry (you want the heat not moisture... smooth the buttercream (this ensures no bumps!) 
Next up grab your rolling pin, place fondant onto a silicone mat such as  (I recommend these as there is no mess!!) And roll to the according size (for a 6 inch cake you'd want a 12" circle of fondant) 
then place it over the cake.. smooth the top with your hands then start smoothing the sides "fanning" out the fondant as you go around the cake, finally use a smoother like this one  like a iron and you'll have a perfectly covered cake!! 
You can thank me later :) 
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