how to get a free PS3, Wii or macbook air!

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How? simple sign up to (

Copy and paste that website into the address bar. This is 100% legitimate, tried and tested and been shown on the news to be legitimate. All you have to do is sign up to one of the partner companies for a trial explained further on, this is COMPLETELY free.

Step 1 signing up and choosing a gift:

Sign up give your details accurately, as these are the details that will be used when you are sent your FREE gift. No financial information is required to sign up. Now pick the gift you want.

Step 2 choosing a trial:

There are around 24 trials you can select, most require a £5 deposit for betting, but if you don't want to spend a penny, the one for you is lovefilm, it's a FREE two week trial where you only need to receive one DVD and return it, to complete your trial and activate your account, you cancel the trial at anytime if you are not satisfied with lovefilm.

Step 3: getting referrals and receiving your gift:

Now just get friends and collegues to sign up and do exactly what you have done in order for you to receive your free gift once you have sufficient referrals your gift will be sent and you will receive it within 28 days. It's as simple as that! It doesn't cost a penny!!

Please remember as this company is completely legitimate they will be able to detect fraud so do not try to give false details otherwise your account will be suspended

You may only have one account per household, so don't use a public PC to sign up!


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