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Yes , I can not believe myself that I am actually doing this. Permanantly colouring my hair for you to find out if this new Bblonde Ombre Kit is worth buying.

I have recently expressed my concerns over colouring my hair after my last disaster with home colouring over 5 years ago with a different brand.

Feeling like my hair was looking a little dull in colour and having the opportunity to test out one of the new trends I have been drooling over lately , I kind of dropped heart on my past experience and thought it was worth a try and Jerome Russell's Bblonde Ombre Kit No2 Was my choice.

What they say about this product -

Maximum Ombré Kit No.2
Permanent lightener for blonde to medium brown hair - lifts up to 6-7 shades.

Create your own professional Ombré look with Bblonde Maximum Ombré Kit No.2

Professional salon formula.
Expert blending lotion to create a graduated Ombré effect.
Easy to use.
Leaves hair lustrously soft and shiny.

Formulated with avocado oil for enhanced hydration and shine.

Contents - 

Blending lotion
High Lift Powder Bleach
Cream Peroxide
Conditioning shampoo
Mixing Tray
Application brush
Protective gloves
Instruction leaflet

Before I even contemplated on applying this Permanent colouring to my hair , I ensured I had read all of the instructions which were easy to read and understand and of course done a test patch the night before to make sure I had no reaction to the ingredients.

After finding that there was no reaction and a little sleep to ensure this was something I really did want to do , I woke up and immediately got started.

Past experiences reminded me of how much work actually goes into home colouring , all the mixing products and separating hair and then the tirelessly removing products and adding another but this looked so simple , it should not take any longer than an hour for my desired shade to be achieved .

I firstly brushed mu hair and seperated it into two side section which was then applied with the blending lotion evenly .

My hair was dry so Ii could tell where the product had been reached and where I had to pay extra attention to.

Ok I have to admit , I was a little shocked to see the Bleaching Powder. 
Ever worried about having green hair? 
Well with me being blonde and looking at a blue mix ,that worry was the first thing that ran through my head.
I can not remember when I have ever seen Bright blue powder, but I continued as instructed and mixed it with the Cream peroxide.

Before the process was started I thought I would share with you how uneven my hair colour actually is.
This is my natural hair . No colouring what so ever buy you can see that I have very dark shade spots which come naturally . The top of my head and under layers seem to be darker than the top layers and I have always wanted a lovely light blonde shade all over , even and brighter.

With the Ombre kit, you are meant to apply the shade , somewhat 1-2/4 from the top of your head  so I started to apply the blue mix 1/4 of the way leaving the top of my hair clear from any product.
I was thinking that because the colour was applied evenly that the colour would be the same all the way from start to finish from where I had applied it , not sure how this was going to give an Ombre effect .
I left the mix on my hair for 1 hour  as it stated that it should be left 15 - 90 while checking every 15 minutes to see the effects.

To be honest , I do think 1 box for my hair was not enough, I should have really used two with my hair being thick and long but it still took effect and the colour lightened dramatically and so after 1 hour I rinsed it all off and dried my hair .

I have to say that I had no irritation what so ever, the smell of the peroxide is of course not pleasant like all hair colourings but it was bearable and I have smelt stronger odours from other brands which have turned me dizzy , this did not.

Once I had dried my hair , I could then see the full finishing effect the Bblonde Ombre had on my hair .

The different shade from top to bottom was visible and the lower part of my hair had in some places turned almost white.

The ombre effect was not as blended as I would have hoped for but the shade was lovely, although I do think I should have tried another application to lighten it even more as one box was not enough to cover my hair completely .

For me I am very pleased with the results.
Bblonde Ombre Kit no 2 was definitely a great choice and although my hair does need two boxes to get the desired effect , I would happily buy this product and use it again .

My hair does not feel dry from the colouring and it actually feels very soft and solky with a reduction in frizz to my surprise also.

My hair looks highlighted with one box but I can imagine it looking even , which I would of preferred with the right amount used.
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