how to not get conned by paying more than retail.

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I don't know if anyone else has wrote about this but i've noticed more and more that certain sellers on ebay seem to think they can charge more fore something than it is in the shops to buy. The most annoying thing is the people that buy the stuff for these inflated prices are teaching the seller that can get away with this behaviour. i always search around the internet for the best deals when i want to buy something and have seen items cheaper in shops like 'game' than here at ebay which is rediculous, and my understanding of ebay is to get and good deal not pay more for the item just because im sitting in my house on an auction site rather than standing in a shop. As an example, i am currently looking for a certain accessory for the wii, the standard retail of the item is £12.99 and is sold for this price in every shop i have seen it. it is not a 'highly sought after and therefore out of stock everywhere' item so i dont understand why it is being sold by certain sellers at prices as high as £23.00 and thats just one example of many. I know people will read this and say well go buy it from the shops then and i will do. I just thought i might get a better deal on ebay. I also know this really isn't a guide and more of a rant but i thought i'd bring it to attention and hopefully help others who may not check beforehand and realise they could buy the item cheaper in store. My advice is check elsewhere including high street shops before you buy stuff to make sure your not being ripped off and then hopefully these way overpriced sellers will have to either wise up or ship out. 

Edit: I just wanted to make clear that this is more about buy it now prices rather than the auctions as it is out of the control of the seller who and how much people bid     at a auction.
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