how to paint on silk

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Painting on silk is not difficult once you have mastered certain techniques.It creates stunning effects from personalised greetings cards, framed pictures, exquisite scarves and articles of clothing. Initially you will need certain bits of equipment, but once you have them  the sky is the limit. First of all you will need a frame to position the article on, this can be obtained from an art or craft shop, or you can easily make one from e few lengths of wood. Then you will need some pins to anchor the silk to the frame,You can use drawing pins but it is best to buy special pins from your craft shop as they will not pull the threads.They need only to be bought once and can be used time and time again.When you place wet paint on silk it will run so to prevent this you will need a tube of gutta, this is sold in a tube or jar and you outline the design just as you would draw with a pencil. If you like you can trace a design on to the silk using a soft pencil, maybe a 4b or similar, then draw over it with a tube of coloured gutta before filling in with silk paint.Silk paints can be obtained from most art shops, they go a very long way and are economical to use, they are a special consistency and it is advisable to use only silk paints on your work. Many special effects can be created using everyday household things ,for example, sprinkling salt on to wet silk paint creates a lovely mottled effect. To make a card you paint a design on to silk then spray a piece of drawing paper with mount adhesive, carefully position ths silk on to the paper and DO NOT let it wrinkle, then insert the paper into the inside the opening in a blank card, seal it and hey presto, there is your own card. Silk cards can be made to look fabulous and unique just by dropping droplets of different colour paint and watching them merge into each other,creating moody effects or sunsets by choosing which colours you use.Blank silk scarves can be found in craft shops or bought by the metre,and of course, on Ebay.
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