how to rejuvenate and old dead unrechargeable nicad battery

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Annoyingly, Old dead Nickel cadmium, also known as Nicad, batteries with lots of previous use, And possibly from long storage, FAIL to recharge So its either a trip to the hardware store, Or a search through ebay for replacements, Often unobtainable due to obsolescence, Here is a Quick, Safe, remedy, To rejuvenate your Nicad batteries, Remember the batteries must only be rechargeable Nicad ones,  PLACE your battery in its charger which is not plugged into your socket, if it is a switched socket make sure it is switched on, NOW PUSH THE PLUG IN AND OUT OF THE SOCKET VERY QUICKLY EIGHT TO TWELVE TIMES, this action excites and resets the battery back into life, don't be tempted to plug in and use the switch instead, it does not work, Hold the plug safely with fingers away from the BRASS SLIDES, Wear a pair of rubber gloves if you are nervous of doing this, Keep children out of the room whilst doing this, when you have finished this procedure, leave your charger switched on for the usual time, and it will now fully charge, and hold the charge, (AS NEW) There is no need to keep repeating this method each time you recharge,  Just plug in and charge normally from now on,  This method works on all Nicad batteries for drills, phones cameras, electric screwdrivers you name it works on them all, its always best to completely discharge your batteries before storage, and after using,  Of course, if a battery is faulty, this won't work.
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