how to search for a bargain on ebay

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When you are looking for a gift item on ebay, it can be difficult to find that gem amongst all the listings.

So a good way to find that bargain is

- first to refine your search by typing the right set of words in the search box. For example if you are looking for a bluetooth headset for your mobile phone, simply type bluetooth in your search box, (if you know exactly what you are looking for then you can be more specific) this will throw up many thousands of listings or less if you have been more specific.

- But you might notice that the majority of them are buy now listings, especially in the mobile phones section. So a good idea at this point would be to slelect buy now only, then sort the listings by price + p&p lowest price first. This will sort all the listings and will show the cheapest ones first.

Ebay's default setting is best match first, but this is not always a good idea, as the best match ones are usually the more expensive.

- once you see the cheapest ones first then you can filter through the ones which you are looking for.
if you want the item quick then it is a good idea to search for items in the UK only. As the ones abroad always take around 3-4 weeks to arrive, sometimes longer.

- there are many options to choose from to filter your search further, these can be found on the left side of the screen alongside the listings search box. they cover: costs + p&p, location of item, used or brand new, relative sections with number of listings in each. Usually if you are buying a gift it is a good idea to go for brand new, as buying a used item as a gift especially for xmas may put you in someones bad books!

As you filter your search, the listings will drop to a manageable amount.

- At this stage you will get to the ones you want easily and quickly. At this stage you can then click on the individual listings to get the details. It is now a good idea to click 'watch this listing', this will save the listing into your watch list, once you have selected the ones of interest, you can then go back to your watch list and compare the ones you have picked.

- It is a good idea to see the sellers reputation if the listings are hard to choose from this could help you decide on the one to purchase. Always make sure the seller is a reputable seller, with good feedback percentages.

- If there are any questions always get them answered before you decide to purchase. Never leave the questions until after you purchase the item as you have entered a contract with the seller, if there is something you are unhappy about, always get these concerns raised before purchasing! this is a golden rule.

During the run up to Christmas it is always better to think about cost as well as the ideal gift, you can get the ideal gift but it may cost an arm and a leg, this is not always a good strategy, especially if we are all tightening our belts on spending.
This may not apply to cheap gifts like bluetooth headsets but apply this rule to any more expensive items and you are on to a winner.

Happy hunting!

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