how to use Tappits letter fondant cutters

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Hi my guide is how to use tappits letter cutters these come in all different fonts which mean they are not always simple to use. Gumpaste is easier to handle with it being more firmer it breaks and rips less. Gumpaste can be found in any good supermarket  and is also known as florist paste as its used to make flowers for decorating.  Tappits can be frustrating to use unless you know how. There is lots of advice out there, but this is how I do it.
1. Cut out your letters in advance. If you can, two or three days is best. If you can let them dry before applying them to the cake, they'll retain their shape and look crisp and neat.
2. Start by rolling your fondant and gumpaste very thin. About 1mm or less than 1/6th". This is the biggest mistake people make, I think - their fondant/gumpaste is too thick.
3. Some fondants like Duff/Fondarific and FondX can be used straight away. These fondants are very soft and seem to have an almost oily texture which means they pop out of the cutters easily.
Marshmallow fondant works, but must be left to sit and dry for about five minutes before you start cutting.
Gumpaste works brilliantly, and must also be left to sit and dry for a few minutes. Personally, I'm not a fan of gumpaste because it dries so hard, but each to their own.
Tappits are ideal for making letters, numbers and shapes to decorate cakes and plaques. By ‘tapping’ the flexible strip on a board or side of a table means that the individual motif is easy to remove. Use gum paste for best results as this will ensure that products hold their shape and are easy to work with
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