how to wash your dog

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The first thing to remember is that some dogs get scared when placed in a bath so keep calm and dont fill it too deep. Make sure the temperature is ok for your dog by testing it with your elbow. If its comfortable for your elbow skin then its comfortable for your dog. Next gently place your dog in the bath, if he is unsettled and anxious then talk to him in a soothing voice. Start to wet your dog, i start from the tail and then work towards the head, Try not to soak his head but gently rub away dirt with your fingers around his delicate facial areas. Once your dog is wet, its time for shampoo. Always use a shampoo that is for dogs, do not use human shampoo. Gently lather him up and then rinse away all of the suds, Repeat again if necessary. I use a plastic container to rinse away the suds as its quicker and my dog can get out faster. Use a big towell to dry your dog and allow him to shake off any excess. Some dogs dont mind being dried with a hair dryer but others (like my dog) do not like this so make sure the fire or heating is on for your dog so he can dry faster. Always remember to be calm and praise your dog during bathing so the process is easy. This guide was written by a bzzagent and is part of a promotion for ebay guides.

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