hyped shipping to avoid fees

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i am getting so irritated by sellers who hype the postage to make profit,  i realise if it is shown in the listing, then thats fair enough, but then, to discover that they wont combine is yet another rip off. i recently purchased some pens from a hong kong seller, 99p pen, £4.99 shipping... fair enough, so i purchased quite a few pens, only to find that my total spend was £9.98 and my shipping was £34.98, for 7  fountain pens !! seller refused to combine,  actual shipping costs when they arrived was £6.00, and ebay say this is ok.... well, my lesson to learn here is this, dont buy from people who refuse to combine postage, it is just another form of fee avoidance, in an ebay legal way !!
well .. i got caught out again by a seller today, i purchased  5 items seller has combined items ok, but has only knocked off $4.00... $4.00 !! what is the point of that ? shipping is over $45.00 .... so, beware the seller that only gives a discount, but does not give a real genuine combined shipping cost too .
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