i-Blue 66 Channels Bluetooth GPS AGPS MTK Receiver Tips

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Your 737 A+ should be treated with care and properly maintained to ensure the best performance. Keep in mind these helpful tips when using your receiver:

-Some vehicles having heavy metallic sun protecting coating on windshields, which may affect signal receptions -Driving in and around high buildings may affect signal receptions.

-Driving under tunnels or in buildings may affect signal receptions.

-Low battery of a PDA or of an 737 A+ may affect signal receptions. -Please check the correct “COM” and “Baudrate” of your PDA.

-In general, any GPS receiver performs best in open space where it can see clean sky. Also weather will affect GPS reception

– rain & snow contribute to worse sensitivity.

-737 A+ output data updates every second, thus the actual position and the position in your map may have time delay. This may happen when you drive at higher speed or make a turn around a corner.

-Note that 737 A+ may not work indoors where it can not see the sky.

-For the 1st time you use the 737 A+, it will take 1 to 3 minutes to get the satellite constellation and fix your position, this is called “Cold Start”. If you replace the battery, 737 A+ will do Cold Start again.

-If your 737 A+ can’t fix your position for more than 20 minutes, we suggest you change to another open space and then try again.

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