i phones buying them online !

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Hi i just wanted to let you know about buying i phones online .
  After buying TWO i phones and having to get a refund on both due to being locked or stolen please be warned its not as easy as it seems .
Firstly if the i phone is locked to another NETWORK other than the one your on you might have trouble . You could get someone to jailbreak it eg use a program to reset it to the network you want . But this does not always work and might muck up the software ! If you do take it to a shop please ask how they are going to unlock it . The cost might be over £100 to do it for you .
Second the i phone might be lost or stolen please don't think this is an easy matter to get round because its not . All i phones have built in tracking so if your found with one you might spending a time with the Police to explain yourself . 
The best way forward is going to a main supplier and getting a reconditioned one for peace of mind ! 
you have been warned 
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